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Conversation has been light lately, so now time to spark some conversation.
A large amount of rambling, so there should be something everybody can
comment on =)

On MG Models:
Gundamshop shipped my order last week (although they didn't e-mail me
telling me so, which is a mark against them) so my MG GM Custom should be
here soon. I'm looking forward to that one, since I really liked how the
NT-1 Alex was assembled, but I really hated the horrible out of the box
colors. It really demands to be painted. The GM Custom looks like it should
look good once its assembled.
I also bought a MG RX-78-2 v1.5 on Yahoo auctions today. 'Twas a reasonable
price with decent shipping, and I've really come around to its design. The
added detail on the MG kit elevates it a few notches in my book.
My biggest problem right now is I'm going to have 3 Gundams and a GM and no
Zeon scum for them to beat on (well, one Gundam is the Titans RX-178, but
its still a bit unbalanced). I'm definately going to need to pick up some
Zeon MS's. Right now the Gelgoog is near the top of my list, at least until
the Gouf comes out. I'll probably end up getting a Rick Dom first though,
since thats one of my favorites. I should get a Zaku II but I can't decide
which flavor to get. I've seen the Black Trinary up close and personal, and
didn't like the purple on it, so thats out. Don't like Char's red, so that
one and Johnny Ridden's are out right away. That leaves the normal Green and
the white Shin Matsanuga ... which to get... decisions decisions. Too bad
there's no Ranba Ral's Zaku II. I love the look of his Zaku I MG, but I
really hate the head.
On that note, any word on when the MG Ez8 and Gouf will be shipping? Any
bets as to what follows them?

On MSiA's
I really dig these little guys. Not the most complicated toys in the world,
but I'm looking forward to amassing a large army of them. A little Gundam
markering on my Zaku II's weaponry made a huge difference, and I quite enjoy
fiddling with them. Enough posability to get some neat poses, and fairly
reasonably proportioned. Any word on whats following the RX-178 (in Titans
and AEUG colors) MSiA's? For that matter, when are these guys shipping?

On HCM's
Definately my favorite line of Gundam figures. 1/144 is a nice scale, and my
RX-178 has a nice feeling of solidity. I'm currently bidding on a HiZack for
him to fight, so let's hope he gets a friend in short order. As for the rest
of the line, I can't remember whether someone said to avoid the Z or the ZZ?
For our old friend the Type 100, the mold is very nice, but the bright
yellow plastic isn't. Anybody had any success with gold paint bringing him
to his real colors?

On the Endless Waltz airing on YTV
I saw EW subbed last year some time and thought it was a reasonably followup
to Wing. I do like the new designs, in general. I managed to make it through
about 10 minutes of YTV's airing before I had to turn it off and go listen
to my Gundam Single's History CD to restore my sanity. The dubbing certainly
didn't improve any. Sally sounds like a man, Lady Une is completely off, and
every time Duo opens his yap visions of Rat Trap flash through my head. I
don't like Wing enough to sit through this dub. It's nice that it remained
fairly edit free, but I still despise this dubbing job. I shudder every time
someone speaks. Just my opinion ;p

On Anime DVD's
I've come to the conclusion that, being in Canada, the best way for me to
get DVD's is going to be to put an order together every month or two from
DVD Express. Preordering single DVD's just kills on shipping, and it kinda
sucks to lose the preorder discounts, so I realized something cool. You have
the choice of not shipping your order till its fully in stock, so if you
amass a big order of 8 or 9 DVD's all shipping within a month period and
tell it not to ship seperately, they'll all ship on the date the last one
comes in, you get a single shipping fee, and you get your preorder discount.
Sure you might wait a month extra, but that's pretty substantial savings.
Using this, i've got Outlaw Star Vol.1 (9 episodes on 2 DVD's for 30$us if
you preorder. GET IT NOW! This show rocks), Trigun vols 3 and 4, Cowboy
Bebop Vols 1-5, and Escaflowne Vol.1, all shipping on 10/03 for a very nice
price. Substantially cheaper than if I bought them from canadian stores
(assuming I could even find them).

On Gundam DVD's
Any guesses as to how 0080, 0083, and 08th MS Team will appear on DVD? Thats
6, 13, and 12 episodes respectively. I'd imagine it will end up being 2
volumes for 0080 (3 eps each), 4 for 0083 (5/4/4/4), and 4 for 08th MS team
(4/4/4) if prior experience is any indicator. It's quite possible they may
release them as pseudo box sets though. i.e. release the whole series at
once, on some quantity of DVD's. This would be my preferred way, as it would
probably be cheaper and there's no waiting. Seeing as their OVA series, this
makes the most sense to me.

On eBay
Aurgh! It's bloody aggravating sifting through the crap on eBay. I don't
care for Wing stuff, so I don't want to go through pages of HG's and 1/144's
and Wing action figures, but I can't remove them from the search query
because idiot sellers stick "gundam wing" in auctions entirely unrelated to
it. Aurgh. In a similar vein, if you think eBay is bad for bootleg gundam
stuff, check yahoo auctions. Its freakin' insane the stuff people are
getting away with there. Makes my blood boil.

On my site
Got linked from the Anipike today. Rock. Getting mass amounts of hits as a
result. Seeing people come and the occasional congratulatory e-mail I get
makes it all worthwhile. It's a good feeling knowing that people are using
something you created and appreciate your time and effort.

Whew. That's a fair bit. So ... converse, be merry =)

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