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> All I know about Crossbone comes from playing GGF, so please bear my
> ignorance.
> 1.Why is Jupiter Empire full of old geezers ? Are they just old
> veterens like that Umon guy ?

Um, in the comic JE has 3 Newtype, 2 kids and a veteran. Sure there is the
"teacher" and the leader of JE, but really, people of all ages are well
represented in JE.

> 2.Why did Zabine go nuts ? I take that it was side effects of his
> torture but I could be wrong...

No, he flipped long before that. Come on, he thinks he had back the wrong
horse when he chose to support Ceceila 10 years ago. After the collapse of
Cosmo Babylon, and being on the run all these years have change his mind.

> 3.So, by UC 133 the F-91 was mass produced or at least became a limited
> production type like the ReGZ. How come we don't see any of them during V
> Gundam ?

F-91 is more like a limited production high performing ms. As for why you
don't see any F-91 in Victory? Simple, SNRI have been effectively absorb
into Zanzcare Empire, the military arm of the Empire still uses the old SNRI
moniker B.E.S.P.A

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