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> << Hey, guys, looks like they're going to air Mobile Suit Gundam, 0083:
> Stardust Memory, and 0080: War in the Pocket on Cartoon Network.
> Check out
> and highlight the
> invisible text in
> the big blank space! Maybe it's just the resolution on my monitor, but I
> don't think they meant for everyone to notice that. >>
> WHAT?! this is bad... this is VERY bad...a CN release implies bad voices,
> editing, and stupid commerialization and marketing. And i dont
> think i could live if CN-watchers started to think Kou Uraki is a cool
> guy...that might be even worse than the wing-nut syndrome...

And getting more people interesting in UC Gundam is a bad thing? God, you
elitist make me wonder why you even bother to watch the show.

Get this into your head. Gundam has and always will be a commercial
product. If you don't like it, find something else to see, say one of the
children's program on PBS.

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