Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 19:50:17 -0700

>Edward Ju wrote:
>> LOL. That was during the peak of Megadeth, with each new member trying
>> to outdo the rest of the band. Loved it. I've still got their
>> autographs on one of my guitars.
>I had their autographs on my old bass. Then I went and busted the truss
>rod (don't
>ask) and when my band broke up, I left the dang thing at his house. One
>of the band
>members was a prick...my friend had an older Megadeth CD he brought for an
>and the guy wouldn't sign it cuz he didn't play on it. Don't remember
>which guy it
>> Except for the drummer, everyone wrote something on the new album. Smith
>> was credited on 2 of the 10 new tracks. Personally I think it's the best
>> thing they've recorded since 7th Son.
>> Eddie
>You have the album? How is it as a whole? I've only heard 'Wicker
>Man'...are the
>rest of the songs of that caliber?
>Joaquin Torres

Personally I thought "Wicker Man" was kind of weak (pardon the pun), but
Smith did write it. In fact they opened the set with this song and Smith
was the first guy to come up the stage playing the opening riff, before
the rest of the band went up. There are better songs from the album, my
fave being the 9+ minute jam "The Nomad", which Dave helped write (Harris
is always on every song, LOL). It was one of those prog-metal songs they
used to do on every album like Ancient Mariner, To Tame A Land, Alexander
the Great, or Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

I don't like it as much as the older stuff they did up to 7th Son, but it
fits with their earlier, post-Killers music fairly well - it's a very
natural/consistent album if you consider this a follow-up to 7th Son and
ignore the ones that came out since No Prayer. It is definitely way much
better than the ones they did with Blaze Bailey.


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