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Hold on for a second here. This is just Bandai's website, not CN's.
Admittedly, we've already heard rumors that the MS Gundam TV series is
coming to American television, but there hasn't been a bit of
information on the other two (except other rumors that they might be
shown later). But all three of the UC shows are currently available on
video in the US (movies only for MS Gundam, of course). Its possible,
and in fact, I think highly probable, that Bandai is planning on using
the popularity of Wing to direct fans to their other UC series.
Considering how long UC has been on the air, I just have to wonder what
took them so long?



> Hey, guys, looks like they're going to air Mobile Suit Gundam, 0083:
> Stardust Memory, and 0080: War in the Pocket on Cartoon Network.
> Check out and highlight the
> invisible text in the big blank space! Maybe it's just the resolution
> on my monitor, but I don't think they meant for everyone to notice
> that.

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