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Well, I think I can quess 3. I think the F91 was probably outdated, or the
costs were becoming too high. Also the mass-produced Gundams in V Gundam are
produced not by the ESFS but by leaque militare It's possible that it became
replaced by it's mass-produced counterpart, the Jamesgun, simply because it
was more cost-effective.

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All I know about Crossbone comes from playing GGF, so please bear my

1.Why is Jupiter Empire full of old geezers ? Are they just old veterens
that Umon guy ?

2.Why did Zabine go nuts ? I take that it was side effects of his torture
I could be wrong...

3.So, by UC 133 the F-91 was mass produced or at least became a limited
production type like the ReGZ. How come we don't see any of them during V
Gundam ?

Thanks in advance.

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