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Zeon Zom Daikun believed that mankind, moving into space, would enter into
the next step of evolution and become newtypes. However, Daikun was
apparentally passive, and his beliefs only effected things on a state level.
However, apparentally Degin thought that wasn't enough, and assassinated
Daikun-secretly-so he could escalate the ideals of Zeon to a new, more
military level. Hence the Duchy was born. The reason it's not called the
Duchy of Zabi is because the assasination was secret. Nevertheless, Zeon's
hard-core followers were purged by Degin and at least Giren as well. It's
unknown about the other Zeon children participating, although I think Garma
was probably too young.

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Can anyone please tell me what Zeon Dai Kun's main theory was and whether he
was really assasinated by the Zabi family? THanks~!;


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