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> << WHAT?! this is bad... this is VERY bad...a CN release implies bad voices,
> editing, and stupid commerialization and marketing. And i dont think i could
> live if CN-watchers started to think Kou Uraki is a cool guy...that might be
> even worse than the wing-nut syndrome...
> btw, im still searching for the aforementioned invisible link...
> --bob >>
> I have to admit I agree with Bob here. Based on the new crop of fans born and
> bred on Wing, this doesnt look very good. There are some exceptions of wing
> fans who handle their love in an adult fashion(buy tapes,buy models,discuss
> on forums like this very one),and then there are the rest who show their love
> in less desirable ways(you know what i'm talkin about).
> Lord.....let them not turn the three series into crap....

People looking up to Kou is certainly a scary thought... I think the most fun,
though, will be seeing viewers' reactions to 0080. That's one show that has very
little to glamorize war. The main thing I'm worried about is the length. Are
the episodes TV length? Or are the a full half hour? I don't remember off the
top of my head. I'd hate to see the kind of time-based hack job that I heard
Tenchi OVA had (although there were other reasons for the that Tenchi hack job,
as well). Other than that, I can't think of much that would have to be changed.
Blood would be removed, although that only pops up on occasion. And the liberal
drinking habits of a couple of characters would have to be "modified"... I think
that is actually going to be the most worrisome change.
Of course, the most annoying possibility is having to deal with people who think
Char is a cheap knock-off of Zechs...


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