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Sorry to dissiapoint you, Robotick, but that text on the official site
appear to me to be merely placeovers for sections on the other Gundam
titles, which are currently available on video casette(and on DVD next
year). Nowhere does it say that these titles will come to CN. Sections have
not been written up on them yet simply because they're not the flavor of the
month-yet. UC is growing in popularity, however. I helped to introduce some
Gundam fans at a message board to the larger world of the Gundam franchise,
and by now they're actually denouncing Wing. While I don't think Wing is a
bad series at all, it's just that UC is a much larger and complex universe,
and unlike Wing, it is still open for more stories(Wing is a fairly limited
universe to muck around with, since in

Endless Waltz, all the MS are destroyed, pretty much ending the timeline
right then).

 Also, regarding anti-CN posts, CN has actually been better to anime than
FOX and syndication. While the new DBZ voices aren't up to par with the old
Ocean studios talent when DBZ was in syndication, the translation currently
playing on CN has dialogue that is closer to the original and less
censoring. Also, apart from the swimsuits, tea, and some blood, Tenchi is
also fairly intact story-wise, especially the TV series. Gundam Wing, which
started on CN, is totally uncut at midnight, with the exception of the
opening and ending sequences(Although parts of the opening are incorporated
into CN's ending).
 I personally like the dubs of 0080 and 0083(I avoided the original movie
trilogy dub because I heard it was badly mistranslated) The girl who plays
Nina in 0083 is a rising star in the dub business; she's done the female
leads for Lupin III, Trigun and Ruroni Kenshin. Of course on 0080 we have a
good chunk of the Cowboy Bebop cast(Including the excellent Wendee Lee,
who's been dubbing since the Robotech days), as well as David Hayter/Sean
Barker, the guy who wrote the X-men movie(I kid you not) and also did the
voice of Solid Snake for the Metal Gear Solid Game.

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