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<< WHAT?! this is bad... this is VERY bad...a CN release implies bad voices,
editing, and stupid commerialization and marketing. And i dont think i could
live if CN-watchers started to think Kou Uraki is a cool guy...that might be
even worse than the wing-nut syndrome...

btw, im still searching for the aforementioned invisible link...

--bob >>

I have to admit I agree with Bob here. Based on the new crop of fans born and
bred on Wing, this doesnt look very good. There are some exceptions of wing
fans who handle their love in an adult fashion(buy tapes,buy models,discuss
on forums like this very one),and then there are the rest who show their love
in less desirable ways(you know what i'm talkin about).

Lord.....let them not turn the three series into crap....

-Deli Llama

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