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Edward Ju wrote:

> LOL. That was during the peak of Megadeth, with each new member trying
> to outdo the rest of the band. Loved it. I've still got their
> autographs on one of my guitars.

I had their autographs on my old bass. Then I went and busted the truss rod (don't
ask) and when my band broke up, I left the dang thing at his house. One of the band
members was a friend had an older Megadeth CD he brought for an autograph
and the guy wouldn't sign it cuz he didn't play on it. Don't remember which guy it

> Except for the drummer, everyone wrote something on the new album. Smith
> was credited on 2 of the 10 new tracks. Personally I think it's the best
> thing they've recorded since 7th Son.
> Eddie

You have the album? How is it as a whole? I've only heard 'Wicker Man'...are the
rest of the songs of that caliber?

Joaquin Torres

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