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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 04:41:22 -0700 wrote:

> WHAT?! this is bad... this is VERY bad...a CN release implies bad voices,

I have the Japanese DVDs so I've already heard the dubs... 0083 is pretty bad,
but not Viz bad they changed the music in places, like Manga did on Mac plus and
Orguss 2. 0080 is good enough but not great some of the Sound FX were altered,
probably because the originals weren't available. Neither is so bad that they
will deter the average non-nitpicky dub liking public

> editing, and stupid commerialization and marketing.

I like being able to buy Gundam models, toys, and T shirts at the local suncoast!

> And i dont think i could live if CN-watchers started to think Kou Uraki is a
> cool guy

Nothing could make that happen. ^_^

> ...that might be
> even worse than the wing-nut syndrome...

Um.... that existed long before wing was shown in the states.

---Brett "wing nut for 5 years and still proud of it!" Jensen

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