Mon, 11 Sep 2000 18:42:10 -0500

I bought 1/144 Epyon and Wing Gundam 0 at Toys 'R' Us Sunday, not because I'm a fan. I just happened to be at the store and was blown away by the appearance of Gundam models outside of a small shop. I already built Epyon, though I haven't painted it yet, and what really bugs me about it is the front skirt armor. It and the entire lower front Torso are one big piece. That sucks. So does the whip. Three pieces! Can you believe it? I just hope they didn't screw up WG0 too. I know, it doesn't really matter since I paint it all anyway, but the coloring was horrible. The thighs, which are supposed to be light gray or white, were almost black. The black pieces, which are supposed to be black, were almost black too. On a scale of 1-10, I give this kit a 5. I know it seems high, but you have to admit that Epyon is one bad suit.

BTW, anyone know the significance of the name "Epyon"? I know it's some kind of Greek letter or something, but is there any other meaning or relation?

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