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Edward Ju wrote:

> I'm just glad all the assholes who tried to sue Judas Priest and Ozzy
> failed, miserably. Otherwise I wouldn't have the pleasure of hearing
> Rob Halford's new metal band opening for Maiden last night. :) They
> will be playing San Diego on Tuesday night and Universal Amphitheater
> on Wednesday night, along with Queensryche. All 3 bands were in top
> form, it was a kickass show. Those in the area should go check them
> out.

Cool. I saw Judas Priest during the Painkiller tour (Megadeth opened, I've seen them
twice now), Man that guy could break glass with his voice... awesome! So his new
band is good then?

Iron maiden has a different singer than Bruce Dickenson these days don't they? I
don't know I'd like that.

I'm plenty worried with all the political blathering about violence in media today,
It's like F**king Columbine all over again. And don't think this will just affect
games and music, Anime could very well be affected by this new wave of hysteria. It
stinks like what happened to the comic book industry in the 50s. Pretty soon all
we'll be able to watch is Care Bears!

---Brett "Hell bent, hell bent for leather!" Jensen

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