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Yeah what I ve been saying for months... I havent event painted the inner frame for
my Doms... I really think 1/100 HGs would be a good idea for the more interesting
designs. I like the idea of a inner frame as a skeleton for the armor, but without
dealing with the inner detail.. Abs plastic would be great as a simple frame to
build your mechs on. They could feasible mass produce body type structures with
holes on the frame to peg the armor parts on. Id love to see a 1/100 Psycho 2
Gundam made for about 50 bucks.. I actually like the wing 1/100 Hgs.. Nice external
detail and sculpts and good posability.. Why MG em?!!?? Why bother with more Mgs
when most of the time you dont show off the internal detail...

Edward Ju wrote:

> >I personally dont think the Gelgoog is a great sculpt in the MG line. It
> >needs a
> >lot of modification to look good.
> When the MG Gelgoog first came out, it basically marked the shift in
> Bandai's philosophy to "more inner beauty, less external paneling",
> which led to these crazy armor-on-a-movable-frame designs even on the
> mecha that aren't supposed to be built that way (PG Zaku II, anyone?).
> Eddie
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