Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 12:52:50 -0700

>I've been checking HLJ for some new MSiAs and i've seen this...
>It's like a dream come true... i've always wanted a Gelgoog msia... but
>i'm wondering
>about the words "production" meant... is it the mass production type
>Whats the visual differences between this production type and the char's
>gelgoog type?
>Is the mass production type supposed to be like this?

Yeap, however, the MG kit has been made to look somewhat different from
Char's Gelgoog (whereas in the original series, they appeared identical
except for the colors and the commander's antenna on the head). The MG
version of MS-14A has a different head, extra thrusters on the skirt armor
(and under it, IIRC), plus a different kind of beam rifle. For the MSiA,
I think they'll just do a recolored version of Char's Gelgoog instead of
retooling all these details.

>Or this one?

Nah, that's the rather limited variants - B for High Mobility, C for Cannon.
You should get a Gelgoog Cannon High Complete Model if you can manage to
find one... it's a sweet toy.

>Or HOPEFULLY this one!!!!

That's Char's Gelgoog. You can bet they'll release a MSiA of this design.


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