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> Subject: [gundam] The Gouf:Why was it so unsuccessful?
> It's struck me that apart from it's cousins the Zaku,
> Dom,Gelgoog, and even
> the Gyan,the Gouf never really had systems that were incorporated in later
> Mobile Suits. In other words, it never 'evolved'. Why was the Gouf so
> unsucessful? A few thoughts:
> 1)The weapons were too costly to mass-produce

The build-in weapons were not cost effective.

> 2)Bright Blue MS usually get picked off very quickly, even if
> they're armed to the teeth

That doesn't seemed to be a problem.

> 3) Couldn't be modified for space warfare like the Dom, and was fairly
> useless when the OYW moved out into space

I don't believe that thought ever crosses the designer's mind. By similiar
token, Zugock is a major failure because it cannot be adopted for space
use... Zugock IS the most successful acquatic based mobile suit ever. Dom
was adopted for space use because the developement of MS11/14 was taking
much longer than expected.

> 4)Used too much as a testbed for other suits.


> 5)Since it was a ground-type suit, it was produced mostly on land, and
> therefore most of it's production facilities were seized by the Earth
> Federation before the suit could have seriously went into production.

Nah, they cancelled mass production of Gouf long before the Federation

> 6)Dom was faster and cheaper


7) Gouf was basically going up the wrong technology tree. Insteading of
using jet engine for propulsion, it still uses rocket engine, which has
limited propullent. Jet engine doesn't run out of propullent.

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