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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 21:39:37 +0800

        Picked up quite a number of kits cheap from this sale. \(^_^)/

        First off, got the 1/144 79G vs Zaku II kit and the Gouf kit.

        The Gouf looks exceptional, with EW-style polycaps. The mobility
should be quite spectacular (see below), but I intend to spray the entire
thing black and grey up from there.. my first fully painted kit. =) The beam
saber and the 75mm Gatling looks honking big though -- I'm tempted to get
the sprue from source and modifying from there. =)

        The 79G vs Zaku II was a spur-of-the-moment buy, just to give my
GM(G) something to shoot at, and to get that 180mm anti-everything gun. =)

        Also, I got a EW Heavy Arms Custom, initially for spare parts as
well as to convert the basic body into a 1/144 Btech miniature. =)
Surprisingly though, this kit has the best mobility and closest human
articulation I've seen in any 1/144 kit, surpassing even the excellent 0080
kits I have. Still, as a HG kit, the colours are horrendously off, so it
needs to be repainted quite extensively to match the show's colours.

        I went back the next day to get the old HG 1/144 Mk. II kit, which
is a replacement for my aging HG Mk. II -- it suffered a broken hip a few
months ago, so I've wanted to replace it for quite some time now.

        Lastly, I've gotten my mitts on the MG 79G, big brother to the
smaller kit I got earlier. =) A quick look through the manual impressed me
-- the manual's been redone, and the articulation and details seemed to be
higher now.

        BTW, comparing the MG and 1/144 79G with other Gundams finally
nailed down why I dislike the 79G models -- this Gundam always seemed to be
sulking! (^_^)

        Now, I'm seriously debating whether to get the Gouf Flight Type and
the Sniper GM from 08MST. The Sniper, to complement my GM(G) -- after all
they come with the same weapons, so I can reuse them for the 79G, while my
GM and Sniper forms a team. The Gouf Flight type is simply because I like
the colour and look, but I think I'm starting to like the blue Gouf more.. =)

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