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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:12:13 -0400

It's struck me that apart from it's cousins the Zaku, Dom,Gelgoog, and even
the Gyan,the Gouf never really had systems that were incorporated in later
Mobile Suits. In other words, it never 'evolved'. Why was the Gouf so
unsucessful? A few thoughts:
1)The weapons were too costly to mass-produce
2)Bright Blue MS usually get picked off very quickly, even if they're armed
to the teeth
3) Couldn't be modified for space warfare like the Dom, and was fairly
useless when the OYW moved out into space
4)Used too much as a testbed for other suits.
5)Since it was a ground-type suit, it was produced mostly on land, and
therefore most of it's production facilities were seized by the Earth
Federation before the suit could have seriously went into production.
6)Dom was faster and cheaper

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