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As I usually sit and contribute rarely.... here goes..........

Violence and video games.
I have had/owned guns since I was about 10 years old and have hunted
sporadically since that age. While most everyone has had the day-dream of
shooting someone, boss, co-worker, tormentor etc., most of us resist this and
function in a "normal" way that is acceptable to society. Too counter the video
game debate... What about the young men and women who have had the video games
and then served in the military, do they come back and shoot up everyone who
pisses them off, NO.......... The military, usually, teaches them the proper
respect for shooting and killing. Now I know someone will bring up the
"deranged vet" but remember we are talking about video game influence and most
of the vet problems have come from the older vietnam era people.

If it had happened here in new england the body count would be higher.
The reason for this statement is that a significant number of youths are exposed
to hunting and shooting here at an early age. They know how to shoot.
But do we see that here yet? No and why not, we have video games here. Sure
they are corrupting these youths....hi hi..... nope the reason is that they are
taught the proper respect for a weapon and to be honest after you put down your
first deer etc. you will not want to inflict that on a human being unless there
is no other course of action.


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Anyone know if/when GW Endless Waltz will be airing on CN?



Glad to hear that you like the Keene, NH area.



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