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First off, my many thanks to Garrick, who through his wallet and friendship,
has given me the chance to own an HGUC GP01.


The box is LARGE, practically the size of an HG 1/100 EW box. It's got a
great cover shot, but is hell to bring around from the shop.


The manual is the same size as the HGUC Rick Dias's manual, and it has my
same complaints: the parts look distorted in some of the assembly
illustrations. The art illustrations, however, are perfect. it also has a
color code just incase you will use the Gunze-Sangyo gundam colors. Not

The head:

The HGUC Head is definitely based on the MG, down to the details on the back
of the head. The antenna is much more sturdy than the MG's though, which is
a good thing. The head spikes are big; I don't remember it being this big
on my MG GP01Fb (which shares the same head and arms, as well as thigh and
internal mechanics). The old kit version had a significantly larger head;
think of the head difference between the rx-78 and the rx-79g. The older
head also has a somewhat conical slant to the head structure, and has a
larger face, whereas the HGUC head has a small face, very much reminiscent
of the EW kits.

The Body:

The neck of the HGUC kit is the same as the EW kits, but to make it look
better, there is a square collar full of neck detail around it. This adds
to the realism, rather than seeing the polycap thing.

BIG difference here; the old body had a vertically compressed chest and
midsection, and a large hip/crotch area. The HGUC version also has a chest
that is smaller sidewise than the old one, and is actually smaller overall.
The details are pretty much the same, but the chest slope is more pronounced
on the old one, and the HGUC has smaller chest intakes and a narrower

The backpack of the old kit is pegged into place, and is VERY large, whereas
the HGUC version is stuck to the body with a polycap and stick joint, and
there are details in the "internal area", even though it won't be seen.
Kudos for that. The thruster cones are also attached by polycaps, to make
them more maneuverable. The beam saber holders are scaledowns of the MG
design, which means they are holders which are attached by a small ball
joint to the main body.

The old kit also had fixed skirts, which wasn't really a problem since the
skirt was so short as to only minimally impede thigh movement. The new HGUC
kit, of course, has front and side skirts that can move, with only the butt
plate being fixed. AND. The HGUC kit has a swiveling waist, whereas the
old one had a one piece body. The colors are also accurate, unlike the old
kit, which really has to be repainted.

The arms:

The HGUC arms are smaller and shorter than the old kit version's, but it
also has polycaps to attach equipment to it. In my case, I simply switched
polycaps and was able to come out with being able to stick F90 equipment on
the arms. The hands are very nicely done, though the top palm plate can get
loose easily due to the slot peg construction.

The shoulder construction is similar to the HGUC Rick Dias, wherein two
polycaps and a shoulder rod make for improved shoulders. The shoulder armor
plates are connected to the rod, so the arm can move independently of the
shoulders. the Shoulders are WAY smaller than the original kit versions,
and this is one part where I prefer the original design.

The legs:

The thighs are definitely from the MG, as in almost perfectly scaled down.
The knee area is a double joint affair with a middle knee block that owes
its design more to the EW 1/100 kits than it does to the MG GP01/GP01Fb.The
lower legs are smaller in the HGUC version, but I prefer the look of the
original legs.

The ankle armor is part of the leg armor in the original kit, but is a
separate thing entirely for the HGUC version. The internal detail of the
ankle is definitely MG. The feet are LARGE in the original kit, providing
more stability at the price of poseability. The HGUC kit has nice small
feet, but posing can be a problem.


Both versions have the shield, the beam rifle and the Saber. BUT, the HGUC
also includes a machine rifle, which is a retooling of a GM machine rifle
from one of the GM's in 0080. I kid you not.

The Beam rifle is still the same, practically, except that the sighting
scope is now movable. the old one had a fixed scope array. the stabilizing
handle is the same for both, able to swing lefty or right. the other major
difference is that the handle at the top of the rifle is with a hole for
fingers to get through in the HGUC's not like that i the old
kit, just solid plastic and detail

The beam saber is practically the same, with a few stylistic differences.

The shield is different. The old shield was longer, but also thinner, the
new one is thicker crosswise, and is slightly shorter by about 2mm or so.
The shield has nearly the same handlegrip details in both versions, but the
new version has a polycap, which attaches to an arm brace that attaches to
the polycap hole I was talking about in the arm. This allows the shield to
be used AND keep the hand free. VERY NICE. This is obviously taken from
the Gyan and Gouf HGUC arm braces. This was a damn good rework on the
shield, I'll have to say.

The plane:

basically an HGUC upgrade of the old one. nothing much to say.

My marks?

This is THE classic HGUC kit. I think that this kit was the result of a lot
of little design improvements that lead to a better kit. If you're gonna
get just one HGUC kit for the year, I say get this one. It's also perfect
for beginners, and I will say this: it's damn near action-figure-like. I
am impressed by it totally.

It makes for a good piece to talk about, and as part of a diorama. DAMN.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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