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James Gority wrote:

> Actually all of the regiments you listed no longer exist. They were all
> amalgamated into a single regiment the Royal Scot's Highland Regiment
> sometime in the late 1980's. Sooooo.....

Way OT, but umm, nope.

According to the British Army 2000 book I picked up from the National Army Museum
in London just a few months ago, plus numerous sources (including unit web

Royal Scots. Formed 1633. Never amalgamated with other regiments. Active today
with one battalion.

Royal Highland Fusiliers. Formed 1959 from Royal Scots Fusiliers and the Highland
Light Infantry. One battalion in Germany.

King's Own Scottish Borderers. Formed 1689, never amalgamated with other
regiments. One battalion today.

The Black Watch. Formed 1725, never amalgamated with other regiments. One

The Highlanders. Formed 1994 from the Queen's Own Highlanders and the Gordon
Highlanders. One battalion today.

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Formed 1794, never amalgamated with other
regiments. One battalion today.

For references, see the Scots at War project's regiments page:

my page at:


 As far as I can tell, there never was a "Royal Scots Highlanders." Besides
which, the Royal Scots by definition aren't highlanders and never the twainst
met. Sorry.

    Neil Baumgardner

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