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How does it compare to the MG though?

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Okay peeps! thanks to garrick, I now have an HGUC gp01 to play around
with...and since I have the old 0083 kit, I compared both. So, let's start.


The HGUC head is smaller and rounder, with a smaller face area. The old
head, however has a more classic look to it. the neck area is VERY good on
the HGUC, with a polycap ball joint surrounded by plastic detail work and
frame. The old one is a stick and polycap joint with minimal detail.


practiocaly same length from shoulder to crotch, but the proportions are
different. the body is longer in the HGUC, while the old version is wider.
 The chest slope is less acute in the old kit. The cockpit hatch detail
and forms are very similar.


Hands down, the HGUC is better in this respect, and it's connected by a
polycap too. The boosters are connected by a polycaps, making for some
movement. It has practically the same design as the MG for the saber


The old kit has way larger shoulder, which I like more. however, the
vernier detail on the shoulders are of course better on the HGUC.


Hands down, the HGUC, which has skirt plates, not like the one piece style
of the old kit.


The old kit has long arms, which looks better when it's posing time, bnut
looks awkward at a rest state. Again the HGUC is using a what seems to be
now-standard stick and two polycap joint to the body, with the shoulder
armor attached to the stick part for independence. The old kit has a stick
joint, with the shoulder attached to the shoulders.


The old kit has really SHORT thighs. It also has larger flared ankle


The HGUC feet look better, but the old kit offers better stability -- it's
bigger and flatter.


The HGUC Beam rifle is looks a lot like the old one, except for the handle
area on top of the rifle, and the new one has a moving sight.

The shield is slightly longer in the old kit than the HGUC, they have
similar shield handles, but the big plus is that the HGUC has an armbrace
that allows for two ways to connect the shield, aside from holding it.

The other rifle, the machine rifle is a modernized version of what the 0080
GM (forget which oversion) uses. That was a pleasant surprise.

The beam saber of course looks better on the HGUC.


The core fighters? the HGUC blows the old one away.

Personal opinion:

The HGUC GP01 rocks! If this were made into an action figure, this would
kick ass majorly. It's a near perfect scale down of the MG kit, and I
really recommend it to anyone. It's also very poseable, so I repeat: Get
this baby.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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