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>actually I think I responded too soon - I think kids are way smart enough to
>distinguish the difference between a moronic cartoon and real life.... In
>fact, my last girlfriend and I watched many adult oriented (I'm talking
>Lain and such, not tentacles, you sick bastards) with her 3 year old, and he
>responded to them in a very nonconfrontational way. I personally don't
>object to children being exposed to the extremes of media stimuli. In fact,
>I think that the taboo which is attached to sex in our society (america)
>leads to the obsession with it and subsequent expressions of that obsession,
>ie date rape, etc... And this doesn't just have to do with the media. It
>has to do with the parent's attitudes towards such things. I think that
>children should be exposed to the world, as it really is, for them to gain
>perspective on it's entirety. This doesn't mean one should subject their
>children to the bloody reality of the world in a harsh and blatant manner,
>but why hide it from them? The forbidden is always more appealing, and the
>more we try to shield our children from the harsh realities of the world,
>more they will be drawn to them. But when the children are exposed to media
>representations of these aspects of life, the responsible parent's duty is
>make clear that these are but caricatures of reality, and not reality itself.

Aye I would agree to that reasoning. as long are the parents are thee.
Just in case they have any questions. I know it can't be always the case,
but it's the effort that counts.

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