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>I do agree that very young children are suceptable to media influence
>but THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM! you see I actually control what my kid
>watches on TV, when he's a bit older I'll give him the straight facts of
>morality, death, and the consiquenses of violence. and then we will play
>quake together, because I assume my kid will not be a moron! sorry, but
>this is a sore spot for me, I don't want our country to turn into a
>police state like the UK.

Yeah, I think it's really just a matter of seeing what's happening in media
as well.

>> Well, I agree that you cannot lay sole blame on video games and
>> movies and television for child violence, but we have to acknowledge
>> that these media are having some effect. How anyone can say otherwise
>> after Columbine and the other 17 or so school shootings over the past
>> several years, considering the type of media consistently reported as
>> being viewed by these assailants.
>Oh yeah, and the fact that those little Columbine assholes looked up to
>Hitler had nothing to do with it! or the fact that the Jock assholes
>probably tormented the hell outta them, as they often do didn't either.
>As a huge First person shooter fan I take great offense to this sort of

It may or may not have had an effect, but it sure could have been at least
spotted early on with parental guidance.

>> The fact of the matter is, as any child developmental psychologist
>> could tell you, children cannot make a crystal-clearly discern fantasy
>> from reality until the ages of 9-10,
>That is total bull. Are you wanna those people who think Spanking is
>wrong, and a toddler should "decide when to potty train themselves? It's
>that sort of touchy feely crap that as much as anything else is screwing
>up our kids!
>Just a comment from The real world,
>Brett "Doom Doom Doom Doom" Jensen

How one disciplines one's own children is I think a personal matter, as
lojng as it doesn't infringe on the rights of the kid. And it's always a
case to case basis even at that. I've had my share of spankings...and when
I look back, I know I deserved a great many of them. My father had it
worse....when he was naughty, they tied him up in a sack and left him
hanging from the ceiling. He recalls it with great fondness. Oh well.

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