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>I watched those cartoons since I was a little kid. No lectures from my
>about the relative impossibilities of cartoon physics were necessary. I
was not an
>idiot, you see. You are condoning the coddling of retards. I say let those
>dummies find out for themselves that they can't walk on air just because they
>didn't look down. It's slapstick, that's all. And most kids aren't as
dumb as our
>society thinks, they don't need to be "protected" from cartoons and video
games and
>scary movies.

I never said protect. I meant Guide. That means when they ask, tell them,
if not, then don't. The point is, be there for them, and let them know
that you are open to questions. If you are lucky enough to have a kid who
doesn't ask questions, then lucky you! but I had a younger sister, with
whom I had to answer a lot of questions. That's what I mean by guide.
Protect is another matter.

While using Darwinian solutions to idiocy around the world is tempting, I
would prefer to give retards, as you call them, a chance. Screw up a third
time or in a suitably major fashion (like the kid shootings here in my
country), then it's time to say goodbye to the genepool.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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