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> Ill personally agree with that.. Ive lived in NYC and San Francisco , and
> was
> pretty bad in both places.. When I had to go to point A to point B there
> were
> many homeless people and it was hard to desensitize to it.. I couldnt give
> to
> everyone I saw, and I wasnt sure if one was threatning, or a drug addict.

Totally. I've lived in the SF area my whole life except a year long stint in
dallas... Hehe, in fact, when I met the friends who I ended up moving to
texas for (who were vacationing in SF from dallas) they stopped on Market
and gave a bum $15 (!) ... I was like "are you crazy?" The man was
obviously a crackhead, giving out a "trying to get just (whatever) so that I
can see my (family, next hit, whatever) in (some far off place that I need a
lot of money to get to... you look like a tourist!) but hey, wasn't that
crackhead in "need" as much as the next guy? the way I look at it now, is
that some people really are fucked, and need a little bit of help, and you
can give it to them... or, they've made a living off of this, and you are
not their bread and butter.. That is the sucker that gives them 15 bucks
for nothing :) and as long as there continues to be that segment of the
populace, you will see the amount of people you see on the street

> I also
> feel its not right to give everyone money because they say they are
> and/or a war vet.. Some are lying.

A lot of people lie about being vets, not many lie about being homeless
hehe... but something on the streets I learned (which, in retrospect, seems
like maybe I'm just passing judgement on those who the harshness of reality
has made them be this way?) is to not trust older homeless people. For the
most part, they are the people who have found this to be their career, and
they tend to be the most shifty, untrustworthy, scheming people you are wont
to find

> Some can be annoying -soliciting in a
> resturant or a train.

hehe, poverty has nothing to do with etiquette :)

> Thats a period I dont want to be bugged. I would
> rather
> give my money to a homeless person with a pet knowing at least part of the
> money
> would go to take care of the animal..

And of course it's a good scam because it's true. Only the most heartless of
people would let an innocent die on their account.

   The fact is I work hard for my money. I find work and hustle. If your
> mentally
> able and physically able, you can find work. Not great work but at least
> food
> money. My roomie was homeless in college and lived in different friends
> dormrooms
> and apts.. If you have your wits you can survive.. Id like to think if I
> rockotttom Id have friends that would help me out, even just a place to
> ..I
> dont want to offend you and dont know what your situation was, but you
> evidently
> found a way to get out...

Totally, and that's the reason I am where I am today. I know that I've never
hit rock bottom, and fortunately I've always had friends who could help me.
Some people unfortunately cannot, but, as in the case of one of my friends, I
met him before I became homeless, he was homeless when I met him, known the
guy for a good eight years, and it was my pushing him into the IT field
(which I knew he was smart enough to do, just needed the training) which has
turned his life around from that cycle. Do I get karma kudos? hehe, I'm
just glad I could help a friend in the right direction :)

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