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Ill personally agree with that.. Ive lived in NYC and San Francisco , and It was
pretty bad in both places.. When I had to go to point A to point B there were
many homeless people and it was hard to desensitize to it.. I couldnt give to
everyone I saw, and I wasnt sure if one was threatning, or a drug addict. I also
feel its not right to give everyone money because they say they are homeless
and/or a war vet.. Some are lying. Some can be annoying -soliciting in a
resturant or a train. Thats a period I dont want to be bugged. I would rather
give my money to a homeless person with a pet knowing at least part of the money
would go to take care of the animal..

The fact is I work hard for my money. I find work and hustle. If your mentally
able and physically able, you can find work. Not great work but at least food
money. My roomie was homeless in college and lived in different friends dormrooms
and apts.. If you have your wits you can survive.. Id like to think if I hit
rockotttom Id have friends that would help me out, even just a place to stay...I
dont want to offend you and dont know what your situation was, but you evidently
found a way to get out... wrote:

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> > Where else can you find people who are more concerned with the
> > health and well-being of pets and wild animals than with the suffering
> > of the homeless and abused members of their own immediate society?
> Personally I like cats et al better than humans for the most part. A funny
> (tho somewhat sad) solution to this comes from my own time spent homeless and
> around many homeless people. A puppy is the best thing a homeless person
> could do to further their income. People who would never give to a person in
> need will give to help an animal survive.
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