Sun, 10 Sep 2000 04:28:47 EDT

actually I think I responded too soon - I think kids are way smart enough to
distinguish the difference between a moronic cartoon and real life.... In
fact, my last girlfriend and I watched many adult oriented (I'm talking about
Lain and such, not tentacles, you sick bastards) with her 3 year old, and he
responded to them in a very nonconfrontational way. I personally don't
object to children being exposed to the extremes of media stimuli. In fact,
I think that the taboo which is attached to sex in our society (america)
leads to the obsession with it and subsequent expressions of that obsession,
ie date rape, etc... And this doesn't just have to do with the media. It
has to do with the parent's attitudes towards such things. I think that
children should be exposed to the world, as it really is, for them to gain
perspective on it's entirety. This doesn't mean one should subject their
children to the bloody reality of the world in a harsh and blatant manner,
but why hide it from them? The forbidden is always more appealing, and the
more we try to shield our children from the harsh realities of the world, the
more they will be drawn to them. But when the children are exposed to media
representations of these aspects of life, the responsible parent's duty is to
make clear that these are but caricatures of reality, and not reality itself.

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