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> > Ah, but Beavis and Butthead and Celebrity Deathmatch are definately not
> kids
> > shows,
> > and any parent dumb enough to let their kids watch it, should be shot.
> >
> > ---Brett Jensen
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> Nah, not shot, sterilized.

What is the difference? WB and MGM cartoons were not meant for children,
either. No harm. Really, do you believe that no kids have seen Beavis and
CD cartoons? No. Then where are the legions of emotionally damaged kids?
Where are the outcries from parents about their violent, unmanagable
children who were exposed to those visually toxic cartoons that ruined them
beyond all hope? They're not out there because those shows are basically
harmless given a minimum of parental influence. Worry about something that
is actually dangerous. Beavis and Butthead cartoons are about two simpleton
dorks who screw around in their own neighborhoods. Gundam is an anime
series that depicts a solar system spanning war affecting most of humanity
and includes colony drops on Earth, nukes, destruction and death on a grand
scale. Now, based on those two descriptions you tell me which one a casual
observer would consider more harmful.


"They could also have included all the Pink's you could eat, an
 interactive Kirk hologram and a Mayflower truck full of Asian whores,
 and you'd STILL find a way to complain about work non-stop."

- Crom, on Clu's bemoaning a lost contract opportunity at Disney

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