Sat, 9 Sep 2000 22:52:04 EDT

Even when the items are in stock, for UPS shippings they wait for some time
to ship in balk to save on cost. anyways, if your items are all listed as in
stock you should choose the ship avilable items option immediately instead of
waiting for HLJ to do it...

Anyways, the time never bothered me much since I always place 1 large order
at a time, and personally I never had any order not fufilled or damaged out
of my 20 some orders. HLJ is usually not for those who want their kits
fast...unless it's a new release. Always try R10 if you want fast service and
don't mind higher(very little difference really, for UPS and EMS) shiping.

> I, for one, am beginning to think that HLJ only keeps a stock of popular
> stuff, despite what their FAQ claims. I have read several reports of in
> stock
> orders taking three or more weeks for in stock items to be shipped. Now,
> *should not* take 3 or more weeks for truly in stock items to ship out of
> their store. Either HLJ does not get them items on a your order until they
> get your order or they need lots more staff to help with order filling.
> or two reports are okay, but when several "in stock" orders take 3 or more
> weeks to be filled, I get suspicious about a stores business practices.

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