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<< I've got a quick HLJ question so here it goes: I just ordered three MG
 from them this past tuesday(RX-79 G, GP-01, and the Quell) I go to check my
 order and all it says is "In Stock!". Now I have ordered with them in the
 past and was, not overly impressed, but satisfied with their service, and I
 remember that at some point it said "Shipping". can someone shed some light
 on this? >>

  I, for one, am beginning to think that HLJ only keeps a stock of popular
stuff, despite what their FAQ claims. I have read several reports of in stock
orders taking three or more weeks for in stock items to be shipped. Now, it
*should not* take 3 or more weeks for truly in stock items to ship out of
their store. Either HLJ does not get them items on a your order until they
get your order or they need lots more staff to help with order filling. One
or two reports are okay, but when several "in stock" orders take 3 or more
weeks to be filled, I get suspicious about a stores business practices.


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