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> Making some real good points there, but just one thing; don't mention Hitler
> next time. I'm Jewish and I find a bit insulting that you said Hitler got the
> idea Jews are a threat from a Baddage Machine.

You forgot to notice that his *question* started with the phrase "was there".
Let it go. Do I care that Spanish explorers went nuts throughout Mexico,
forever changing the genetic makeup of my ancestors? No. It's history, nothing
more. Getting mad or upset or insulted *now* is a little late and a lot a waste
of time.


"They could also have included all the Pink's you could eat, an
 interactive Kirk hologram and a Mayflower truck full of Asian whores,
 and you'd STILL find a way to complain about work non-stop."

- Crom, on Clu's bemoaning a lost contract opportunity at Disney

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