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<< It was certainly not my intention to make light of what happened in
 WWII, or the Jewish people. Rather, I was trying to point out that
 psychotic madmen don't get their insane ideas from popular media, but
 rather from their own psychosis. In fact there is nothing funny about
 the German Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the
 Killing Fields of Cambodia, or the slaughter of their American
 Indians. Millions of people were needlessly put to death in all of
 these tragedies, as well as Stalin's purges, and the mascaras of Mao
 Tse Tung.>>
  I read no meant or intentioned offenses in your comments.

<< I do, however, think it is funny that in the face of these
 atrocities, people think that our modern society has become too
 violent due to TV and video games! I mean a few kids blowing away
 their classmates because they are unbalanced, is certainly awful, but
 it is not like a feudal lord putting an entire town to death because
 someone forgot to wash his horse properly. >>

  So do I. It's the 21st century here, not the 1800s!! Blaming violence
behavior on video games, TV, movies, et al. Seems akin to blaming one's bad
luck on a broken mirror. Yes, there are unknown things that do happens that
no one can explain, but games causing violence is not one of them! As I can
see from these posts, we need to drop this subject, as it's getting a bit
heated. I agree with lot's of your points, but want to say more, but won't,
as this subject needs to be put to rest, before it is taken over the deep end
by someone.


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