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<< Making some real good points there, but just one thing; don't mention
 next time. I'm Jewish and I find a bit insulting that you said Hitler got
 idea Jews are a threat from a Baddage Machine.

  You are clearly taking L. M. Lloyd's comments out of context. I clearly saw
from reading his comments, that they where not meant to make light and/or fun
of Hitler or the horrible things done to the Jewish people. And dang it!!, he
did not to mean to say that Hitler got his ideas from Babbages Machine!
People on the 'Net and newsgrous are dang bad about taking things out of
context. Please do not argue with me. I decided to try to stay out of this,
but when I saw your comments, I had to write that I did not in any way, read
any offense in Lloyd's comments. It seems you are either taking his comments
out of context or are reading into his words what you want to hear, not
what's written. I could be dead wrong, but this is sure what your words
appear to say.


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