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And speaking of funny but not funny, that would be the massacres of
Chairman Mao, rather than the mascaras of Chairman Mao!

Damn spell checker can really ruin a heartfelt rant.

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> It was certainly not my intention to make light of what happened in
> WWII, or the Jewish people. Rather, I was trying to point out that
> psychotic madmen don't get their insane ideas from popular media,
> but rather from their own psychosis. In fact there is nothing funny
> about the German Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades,
> the
> Killing Fields of Cambodia, or the slaughter of their American
> Indians. Millions of people were needlessly put to death in all of
> these tragedies, as well as Stalin's purges, and the mascaras of
> Mao Tse Tung.
> I do, however, think it is funny that in the face of these
> atrocities, people think that our modern society has become too
> violent due to TV and video games! I mean a few kids blowing away
> their classmates because they are unbalanced, is certainly awful,
> but it is not like a feudal lord putting an entire town to death
> because someone forgot to wash his horse properly.

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