Jim Dulhunty (s3159706@student.anu.edu.au)
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:59:04 -0800

>DP9's "Lightning Strike" is a strictly tactical version of their Jovian
>Chronicles RPG. While its not
>specifically about Gundam, it's pretty darn close. There was talk on the
>Jovian Chronicles ML
>about making up stats for the Gundam Wing suits when the show started
>appearing on TV, but
>I don't know if any were ever made.

I've got a few JC versions of Gundam MS on my site, but I've only gotten
some of the Fed suits for the F90/91 up at the moment. Keep meaning to
expand, but I won't have time until the end of the Uni year.


Anyway, feel free to use an abuse. If you do, I'd appreciate any comments
ort suggestions.


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