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"Lesley M. Kinzel and Dennis C. Scimeca" wrote:

> It's not a matter of telling fantasy from reality. It is a matter
> of the constant buildup of media images in the psyche of the viewer.
> In the case of young children, who cannot truly understand concepts
> like morality, these violent images have a lasting effect. They
> cultivate the idea that violence is acceptable. This is not to say
> that someone who sees violent imagery goes out and kills a bunch of
> people, but it does create a society in which violence is viewed as an
> acceptable means for solving problems.

Actually history proves that violence is a pretty effective way of
solving alot of problems. ^_^ ( I Just re-read Starship Troopers
recently, I love that History and moral Philosophy scene.)

> To say that an image-based media has no effect on a person's action
> or behavior is in complete disagreement with a host of scientific
> studies

My wife is a scientist, and if there is one thing I've learned from
hanging out with scientists, its that they are human. They often see
what they want to see, or rather what the people funding the research
want to see.

I do agree that very young children are suceptable to media influence
but THAT'S NOT MY PROBLEM! you see I actually control what my kid
watches on TV, when he's a bit older I'll give him the straight facts of
morality, death, and the consiquenses of violence. and then we will play
quake together, because I assume my kid will not be a moron! sorry, but
this is a sore spot for me, I don't want our country to turn into a
police state like the UK.

> Well, I agree that you cannot lay sole blame on video games and
> movies and television for child violence, but we have to acknowledge
> that these media are having some effect. How anyone can say otherwise
> after Columbine and the other 17 or so school shootings over the past
> several years, considering the type of media consistently reported as
> being viewed by these assailants.

Oh yeah, and the fact that those little Columbine assholes looked up to
Hitler had nothing to do with it! or the fact that the Jock assholes
probably tormented the hell outta them, as they often do didn't either.
As a huge First person shooter fan I take great offense to this sort of

> The fact of the matter is, as any child developmental psychologist
> could tell you, children cannot make a crystal-clearly discern fantasy
> from reality until the ages of 9-10,

That is total bull. Are you wanna those people who think Spanking is
wrong, and a toddler should "decide when to potty train themselves? It's
that sort of touchy feely crap that as much as anything else is screwing
up our kids!

Just a comment from The real world,
Brett "Doom Doom Doom Doom" Jensen

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