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My vote would probably have to go to Lalah Sun, just for the continuing
repurcussions her death had all the way from 0079 through CCA. Much of the
whole Char/Amuro thing was a direct result of that event, and without her,
the rivalry wouldn't have seemed as realistic, we would have just had two
ace pilots battling each other because their superiors said so. Her death
made it personal =)

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> Gundam has always been rather male-dominated, and hell why not, it's about war, right?! However, the females aren't completely neglected. Please give your view on who is the most important female in her respective series... > > I'm kind of leaning towards Relena Peacecraft of Gundam Wing with Ayna of 08th MS Team and Diana/Kihel of Turn A (Don't make me explain the damn Diana/Kihel thing. For my purposes, they are the same person) coming in a close second. > > I've heard many people say that Relena is the main character of Wing, and I can definitely see that, (though I still think it's Heero). However, I do believe that Heero + Relena drives the plot much more than Zechs vs. Heero. In the end, she becomes the reason Heero fights, and the reason he cannot kill Zechs. > > Feel free to add your opinions > > > _______________________________________________________________________ > > Free Unlimited Internet Access! Try it now! > > > _______________________________________________________________________ > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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