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http://www.PLAYIGAMES.COM want to inform you that you will get a FREE portable Handsfree/car kit for mobile phone (cost $190) if you invite 5 friends to join our party ! (Registration is FREE and EASY) Also, you can play games and win money, prizes simultaneously at in the future after you joined us ! Do you like chating with others over the world in a 3D vitural place or dance in our 3D disco , let's come and have a tour of our site : !

For registration, we just need your USERNAME and E-MAIL address, that's all ! ( We don't need your I.D. Card Number & Address) And we won't tell your friends that you won a gift from inviting them to join !! Just tell us the Username of your friend is OK ! (The promotion is offer to Hong Kong and China only !)

After you have finished the invitation , please fill in the attached form (Inside the attached file :"Result_Form_Playigames.txt") and send it back to us by email at : .

If you need further information, please feel free to contact our Mr. Steven Hui at (852) 2525-6599 (ext.626) or by e-mail : If you need further information, please feel free to contact our Mr. Steven Hui at (852) 2525-6599 (ext.626) or by e-mail :

Overall, your email address was introduced to us by your friend, if you don't want to receive any email from our Web Site in the future, please click the "Reply" button and let us know, we will remove your record from our database at once.

Thank you for your kindly attention! See you at our Virtual Disco !!

Best regards,

Steven Hui

**** How to fill in the "Result Form" ? Please see below....... ****

a) GameLeon <--- [Please fill iin your username here] 744788 <--- [Your Password]

b) [Please fill in the usernames of your friends here, no password is need ! ]

1.) DannyChan <---[5 user name of your friends.]
2.) Gameboy
3.) BBQTang
4.) PP20000
5.) SOSHui

c) Nokia 8850 <--- [tell us the model of mobile phone's H.F that you want.]


恭喜你, 可以免費得到原裝手提電話汽車及室外兩用免提聽筒一套 ! (價值HK$190以上, 可自選型號) 現在你只要成功介紹10個朋友(登記費用全免) 登記成為Playigames.com之會員(不限時間, 可累積), 便可立即得到這份獎品 ! 登記手續如下:

1) 先到網站 :, 登記成為會員(登記費用全免!) , 在登記表格中, 你只需填上: a) 別名, b) 電郵地址 便完成整個登記過程了,(手續非常簡便, 登記時更無須填寫地址及身份證號碼! ) 而你所介紹的朋友請也用相同的方法去登記! 另外, 你的朋友不會知道你因介紹而獲獎品的事宜.

2) 當你介紹了5位朋友給我們並成功登記後 , 請你將附上的表格(Result_Form_Playigames.txt) 填好, 再電郵到, 我們便會立即把獎品送給你 ! ( 我們將會發出電郵通知你領取獎品 ,獎品暫時只贈送予香港用戶, 請見諒 ! )

我們是從你的朋友介紹後而認識你 , 如果你也想通知你自己的朋友, 請給我他們的電郵及姓名吧 ! 讓他們一起來分享這份小小的喜悅 .

* 如你不想再收到本網站的電子郵件, 請你按"Relpy" / " 回應 " 給我們, 我們便會將你的記錄刪除, 多謝你的合作, 謝謝!


**** 怎樣填寫領獎表格? 請參閱下面的例子: ****

a) Leon ← (這是你的Username) 744788 ← (這是你獲發的密碼)

b) (這裡填你介紹的10位朋友登記時所選用的Username,不需要填寫他們的密碼):

c) Nokia 8850 ← (你的手機型號)

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