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--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> Chris Maier wrote:
> > I think he was also involved with He-man to an
> extent. There are also some
> > homages to some literature in that, too. Now
> that's one show that didn't
> > have Japanese influence. Today it looks like utter
> crap.
> It is crap. The first Masters of the universe toys
> came out with Little marvel
> comics that were cool.

dc comics. rather. they DID have he-man vs. superman,
or something to that effect. now THAT is crap.

>He-man was just He-man, a
> barbarian who appeared to live
> in a cave! he wasn't that sissy prince who turned
> into He-man. I hated the
> cartoon, plus skeletor sounded so stupid.

quite frankly, i think the cartoons did a better job
than the comics (nevermind the live action masters of
the universe movie, let's forget that one ever
existed, save for the decent skeletor that frank
langella gave). the comics came across as just
another fantasy realm (with a bit of sci-fi), but with
sometimes neat stories. as a matter of fact, the
original he-man was nothing more than a watered down
conan the barbarian (and not a good one at that) that
couldn't make up it's mind on which demographics to
target. utterly forgettable. the cartoons at least
have some sort of memorable campy air to them -- throw
in the classic (or what used to be classic back in the
80's but is now an overdone cliche in the 90's)
superhero secret identity formula, and you got a show
that worked. :P

but i think we can agree that the new adventures was

> > Mighty Orbots is even more anime than any of the
> others, since it was
> > co-produced by Americans and Japanese, instead of
> just being animated.
> Yeah, I haven't seen it since it was broadcast, so
> my memory is pretty dim. I
> loved that show when I was little though. (not as
> much as BotP though.)

hmm...i think i have mighty orbots in betamax
somewhere...:) just a few episodes, but i really
liked 'em. the bots were goofy yet cool at the same
time. and i still think mighty orbots kick voltron
ass (lion team, vehicle team doesn't matter) all over
the fricking place.


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