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> ergh.
> in an effort to understand (or just plain dig into)
> the newtype schtick in UC gundam...
> i'm curious -- what are the non-military and
> humane/worldly/goodly/benevolent aspects and uses of
> newtypes?

We've had this discussion before and the two most plausible answers come (not
surprisingly) from Mark Simmons and Prabal ("Probe") Nandy. The former opined
that, in the final analysis, Newtype ability seems to be little more than
heightened empathy and awareness. The latter, citing the apparent communion
between living and dead characters, developed a theory that Newtypes actually
bridged the astral plane in some fashion.

Until just recently, we've never had a detailed "official" explanation of what,
exactly, Newtype really meant. Now, however, we have the following explanation
from For The Barrel, supposedly based on Tomino's own writings, if not his own
direct input, on the subject:



'Original Four' is a group whose paranormal abilities are confirmed by the
Flanagan Agency, the organization founded by the doctor of the same name.

Such abilities are said to be triggered only after living a life in space:
auxiliary attributes such as 'empathy', 'dive' (communication ability),
'intuition', 'forecast', 'authenticate', 'plus' (characteristics of born good),
'minus' (characteristics of born evil), 'complex' (stereotype or a fixed idea).
In some cases, more than one of these abilities, known together as 'The Nine',
can exist in a single person. Such people are called 'Newtypes', and can be very

It remains to be seen how much credence we can place in this definition but, for
what it's worth, there you have it.


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