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"Lesley M. Kinzel and Dennis C. Scimeca" wrote:

> It's not a matter of telling fantasy from reality. It is a matter
> of the constant buildup of media images in the psyche of the viewer.
> In the case of young children, who cannot truly understand concepts
> like morality, these violent images have a lasting effect. They
> cultivate the idea that violence is acceptable. This is not to say
> that someone who sees violent imagery goes out and kills a bunch of
> people, but it does create a society in which violence is viewed as an
> acceptable means for solving problems.

If the problem is with a loudmouth black duck or a pig that doesn't wear
pants or a wolf that is constantly in heat over a stage singer. Sure,
I suppose that method for solving those problems would be re-enforced.
Otherwise it breaks down the first time it is attempted with humans.

> To say that an image-based media has no effect on a person's
> action or behavior is in complete disagreement with a host of
> scientific studies on the influence of media on psychology. Take the
> example

We weren't saying that it has no effect, we were saying that you can't
blame a media for the action. And you can't.

> of the Fiji islands/eating disorders study done that showed no
> presence of skinny-deal-body-image and anorexia in the islands before
> the introduction of television, and the existence of these phenomena
> no less that 5 years after the mainstream introduction of television.

The television shows themselves have no affect. It is the watchers'
perception of it. I watched all that crap. I don't have anorexia,
I don't own a BMW, smoke, drink Budweiser, snowboard, etc. The action
and decision is the person's, it cannot be blamed on the examples put in
front of the person.

> Well, I agree that you cannot lay sole blame on video games and
> movies and television for child violence, but we have to acknowledge
> that these media are having some effect. How anyone can say otherwise
> after Columbine and the other 17 or so school shootings over the past
> several years, considering the type of media consistently reported as
> being viewed by these assailants.

There were plenty of violent assholes before the Columbine incident. It
is not the violent imagery, it is those clowns' *acceptance* of that
violent imagery as something useful or acceptable. It is not acceptable
to me, so I don't shoot my co-workers because I got cut off on the
freeway. Some other people, though, think it's a perfectly acceptable
response. Fuck them.

> The fact of the matter is, as any child developmental psychologist
> could tell you, children cannot make a crystal-clearly discern fantasy
> from reality until the ages of 9-10, but it varies based on the
> child. Nonetheless, I can say with a large degree of certainty that
> children below these ages are watching Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry
> long before these ages. You cannot "teach the child properly" before
> the media has impacted on the psyche.
> And this certainly contributes to the "warping" of a child's mind.

This would be counter to my upbringing, my little brother's, and the
entirety of all of our friends' growing up during that time. The
violent kids in our schools watched the same "warping" cartoons we did.
They got into a lot of fights. We didn't. It's not the cartoons, it's
something else, the environment in their households, other influences,
something. You could just as easily blame cereals with high sugar
contents or brightly colored toys or getting most of our clothes at
back-to-school sales in department stores. The blame, though, goes to
the parents' inability to notice their kids turning nuts and the kids
not being able to separate fantasy from reality.


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