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<<I am a modeling newbie who is eager to learn all I can. Please answer if

<<1. Two books I am interested in are the Gundam Modeling Manual by Hobby
Japan and the Super Modeling Manual by Max Wanatabe. Are either of these
books helpful, if so which? Where can I get it?>>

I have the Gundam Modeling Manuel. It is very useful. I can't read it though.
 The Super Modeling Manuel is out of print, there is a newer version called
Perfect Modeling Manuel. You can get them at HLJ.

<<2. Where can I buy Gunze Paint at a decent price along with thinner and
other Gunze products? Including Mr. Surfacer?>>

If you live in the LA area you could go to Legends. If you don't you could go
to HLJ.

<<3. I am currently using Plastiweld/Plasticruct to weld my plastic, however
it still leaves a line (not panel line, just a depression) what product can
I use to alleviate this and make it all one solid piece before I spray it?>>

I really don't think there is one that doesn't leave a seam line. If you
want to get rid of the seam line, just sand it.

<<4. Any idea where I can get an Epyon, Space Leo, Leo or Tallgeese II action

I would like to know that myself.

<<5. I am hoping to start scratch building, but I need some drawings of Leos,
Virgos, Taurus, Mangunac, etc.... What book will contain the schematics and
detailed drawing I need? (I need a back, front and maybe a side)>>

If you ever do want to scratch build you could look at the figures. I doubt
that they will ever make Magunac, taurus or Virges :(.

<<6. Anybody willing to answer my questions, plentiful as though they be?>>

What does that mean?

<<7. Do you know how infinitely helpful you people are?>>



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