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> Absolutely. Or, for a more modest posibility, Tomino could pop up next
>year with a scenario that ties Xabungle, Dunbine, and Ideon into Gundam
>continuity (hmmm... actually, tying together Gundam X and Xabungle would
>be pretty easy). Hey, Michael Moorcock's been doing it for years. :-)

LOL, yeah, why not? There's already a manga that tried to tie Ideon
into U.C., as weird as it was.

> For now, though, we've just been asked to swallow that all the animated
>Gundam shows fit together. Even though the scenario gives us free rein to
>reshuffle events in any order, it's more elegant to avoid using this
>device as much as possible, eh?


>>It just sounded like a lazy and off-the-cuff solution to a problem that
>>should have been given more thought. Also when Tomino couldn't have cared
>>less on this issue, it's funny to see fans scratching their heads trying to
>>make sense of it all.
> Don't be ridiculous. Your precious UC continuity was almost completely
>_created_ by "fans scratching their heads trying to make sense of it
>all." 90% of the details of the One Year War, Minovsky physics, and all
>the other stuff that Sunrise built the Gundam franchise upon were created
>by fans filling in the gaps that Tomino explicitly said he wasn't
>interested in addressing.

LOL, you got me there. So... where does that leave us? Is Tomino bound
by these fan creations when he works on a new series? Or does he get the
power to throw out "established" factoids out of the window as he sees fit?

> I've been watching to see if any of the Japanese fans or third-party
>publishers are coming up with interesting theories on this score, but so
>far I haven't seen anything very impressive.

It will probably take a few years though... MSV wasn't created overnight
either. One could also attribute the lack of theories to the somewhat
lackluster performance of Turn-A in comparison to the original series.
When you get few interested people in the discussion, it's hard to come
up with much.

Anime is much more crowded these days than when the original Gundam first
came out, which introduced the notion of "real military crafts" into the
giant robot genre and gave it a shot in the arm. What did Turn-A introduce
that is groundbreaking for its day? I honestly can't think of much in its
support. I think the audience is simply not as engrossed with Turn-A as
they once were with MSG, due to the fact that there are more anime to
choose from and spending their time on discussing about these days.

>So I figure the field is
>wide open for even us foreigners to speculate. It's deeply unlikely that
>Sunrise will ever come calling on us to straighten it all out - but
>bloody hell, it sure makes a nice change from endless babble about paint
>thinners and how sucky American cartoons are!
>-- Mark

Agreed, count on Mark to bring things back on subject with substantive


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