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>6.One person asked who would get Gundams, and in this case, both sides would
>have them. But it's Daikun Loyalist's ExoTerra Gundam (Don't ask about the
>name) piloted by Natalya Tradusky (The only female gundam pilot in the
>UC continuum, as far as I know) that takes the cake.

Well, there have been females piloting Gundams in UC, but none of them have
been the main character (same with the alternate universes, unless you
accept the highly-dubious assertion that Relena is the main character in
Wing). Here's a list of the female Gundam pilots I know of:


Sayla piloted the RX-78 in one episode (and in the second movie)

Karen Joshua piloted the RX-79[G]

Christina MacKenzie piloted the Alex.

Emma Sheen piloted the Gundam Mk-II
Four Murasame piloted the Psycho Gundam
Rosamia Badam piloted the Psycho Gundam Mk-II

Fa Yuri piloted the Zeta Gundam
Lu piloted the Zeta Gundam, and I think the Mk-II as well
The blonde girl (can't remember her name) piloted the Mk-II
Puru piloted the ZZ Gundam and the Mk-II
Puru-2 piloted a Psycho Gundam (what mark was this?)

IIRC I read in an issue of Mecha Press that the Shrike Team eventually
piloted V-Gundam Hexas
Did Marbet ever actually get to pilot a Gundam?

0083, CCA, F91: I don't think there were any female Gundam pilots in these.

[Alternate Universes]

Allenby Beasley piloted the Nobel Gundam
Rain Mikamura Piloted the Rising Gundam

Lady Une piloted the Wing Gundam in one episode

Gundam X:
Palla (?) pilkoted the G-Falcon (does that count?)
There was a woman in one or two episodes who piloted a Gundam in the
Seventh Space War.

Turn A Gundam:
Well, Loran (the Turn A's pilot) *pretended* to be a girl

Any I missed or got wrong?
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