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>> Turn A's premise gives us carte blanche to assume that high technology
>>is lost between distinct Gundam "eras", as civilization rebuilds pretty
>>much from scratch. This is especially true with Wing, since in the end
>>they abandon the use of mobile suits entirely, and destroy all existing
>>examples of the technology.
>Given that stance, you can pretty much rearrange each alternate
>universe Gundam with relation to the U.C. era in any order you like,
>without any rhyme or reason. Hell, let's integrate Macross and Star Wars
>into Gundam while we're at it. As long as enough time has passed, ANYTHING
>is possible, right?
>> Nobody's forcing you to swallow the unified-universe theory. But, as
>>outlined in the series, it does give us ample opportunity to dismiss
>>continuity problems by saying "Well, centuries passed and they forgot all
>>that stuff."
>It just sounded like a lazy and off-the-cuff solution to a problem that
>should have been given more thought. Also when Tomino couldn't have cared
>less on this issue, it's funny to see fans scratching their heads trying to
>make sense of it all.
>>I'm pretty pleased that I was able to come up with a
>>scenario where I only have to do that once - or not at all, with the "TV
>>series" model. :-)
>The TV series theory gets my vote, although I bet the Wingers would hate it.

I can say, as a "Winger", that I don't hate it.
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