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> More like I'm not into cheating... I've had the PSX GameShark for years,
> but have only used it to defeat anti-mod lockouts. Since I've already
> got my DC mod chip installed, there's little point in getting a DC
> GameShark so far.

    It sure save time for some game, since not everybody have time to replay
the game several times just to get some "minor" feature...

> Thanks for the info though, I had forgotten that the DC GameShark had
> trouble with 2-disc games like Code Veronica, hehehe.

    I thought the DC GameShark only have trouble with multi disk game that
requires switching disk without "rebooting" the console (since Code Veronica
is basically divided into two disk by character, it shouldn't require
swapping disk without reboot). And as far as I can remember, only D2 and
some other "not-so-popular" game uses that method. However, I have heard
that DC GameShark have trouble with some import game. I wonder if the
bootdisk have the same problem...

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