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Tranzor Z... that's all I need to say.


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> Chris Maier wrote:
> > I think he was also involved with He-man to an extent. There are also
> > homages to some literature in that, too. Now that's one show that didn't
> > have Japanese influence. Today it looks like utter crap.
> It is crap. The first Masters of the universe toys came out with Little
> comics that were cool. He-man was just He-man, a barbarian who appeared to
> in a cave! he wasn't that sissy prince who turned into He-man. I hated the
> cartoon, plus skeletor sounded so stupid.
> > Mighty Orbots is even more anime than any of the others, since it was
> > co-produced by Americans and Japanese, instead of just being animated.
> Yeah, I haven't seen it since it was broadcast, so my memory is pretty
dim. I
> loved that show when I was little though. (not as much as BotP though.)
> > the director of Bubblegum Crisis 2040 apparentally helped in the
> > process of both Thundercats and Silverhawks.
> Look at the Newspaper in episode 1 (or mabey two) of the original BGC,
> picture is on it! There is also a Silverghawks pinball machine in Megazone
23 pt
> 2
> > Inspector Gadget apparentally is a French/Japanese co-production, and
> > it was imported to America they decided to go with the Maxwell Smart
> Figures, he looks a bit Smurfish. ^_^
> > Plus, let's not forget that a lot of Warner Bros. cartoons are animated
> > Japanese animators. Specifically Batman Beyond was worked on by the
> > that animated Macross.
> Hmmm... I know TMS (Orguss, Galaxy rangers) did alot of Batman the
> series episodes. which studio are you thinking of? Several handled the
> duties on Macross, while Studio Nue produced it.
> > In most American/Japanese co-productions, the characters almost always
> > Elfquesty, with semi-big eyes with spock-style eyebrows. Just look at
> > kids in Thundercats and Penny from Inspector Gadget. They sort of looked
> > mixed-style.
> Agh! I just had a flashback of "The Littles!" Though I hate furries, I've
> allways had a soft spot for the Thundercat design work. It's a pretty
> fantasy show, but I still like it.
> ---Brett Jensen
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