Fri, 8 Sep 2000 15:23:02 EDT

I saw there were several technical and storyline questions about my story, so
I'd like to clear a few things up.

1.There was a typo, in the number of years after V Gundam. It was supposed to
have been 60 years after V Gundam. Sorry for my typing skills.

2.The Colonial Alliance was formed like this- After being attacked repeatedly
by other Sides, most notably Side 2 (Zanscare), Side 3, Side 6 and Side 7,
Side 1 makes massive push forwards in military technology and succeeds in
overthrowing the governments of all Sides, through swift, bloody coups,
unbeknownest to the citizens of these Sides. And thus, making the other Sides
their puppets, Side 1 has them sign the Sides Alliance Accords, making the
Colonial Alliance. So you see, the Colonial Alliance isn't some happy unified
government, but a political tool for Side 1 to keep it's power. Basically,
the Colonial Alliance is the bad guy here.

3.I choose to put Daikun Loyalists in there because I wanted to get back to
MSG's roots, the whole Zeon independence thing.

4.The revamped colony the Daikun Loyalists use is the Vladirivitch type
colony the former Soviet Union had hopped to put in orbit at one time. It's
basically a huge transparent sphere, with a central axis that has habitation
disks attached to the axis, that rotates inside the sphere, not the entire
sphere itself.

5.The colony would be use the thermonuclear jet engine as mentioned by one
person. For faster than light flight or close to faster than light flight,
I'm afraid I'm going to have to "borrow" technology from Battletech and go
with the Kearny-Fuchida fusion drive.

6.One person asked who would get Gundams, and in this case, both sides would
have them. But it's Daikun Loyalist's ExoTerra Gundam (Don't ask about the
name) piloted by Natalya Tradusky (The only female gundam pilot in the entire
UC continuum, as far as I know) that takes the cake.

Hope this clears up things!

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